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Our humble beginnings can be traced back to Muskoka. It was in this beautiful setting that we started painting waterfront cottages and grew as professional painters. We’ve painted everything from boathouses to historic resorts. Some of our most notable Muskoka clients include Cleveland’s House Resort and The Rock Golf Club.

Whether we’re painting waterfront cottages in Muskoka or luxury homes in Toronto, our mission remains the same: Deliver high quality painting and top notch customer service at fair prices.

High Quality Painting

High quality cottage painting

Muskoka demands top quality and as a result it is important to know that whoever is working on your cottage has plenty of experience. We have put together a team of Muskoka painters who we feel are the best in the industry. These are professionals who have anywhere from 3 to 27 years of experience painting high end cottages and boathouses. Our painters care about the work they produce and have the skill to get it done right, the first time.

Custom Home Painting

Top notch customer service

Communication with our customers is absolutely critical in Muskoka. Most of our customers are only at their cottage on the weekends and do not get to see the painting process as it unfolds. We therefore keep you posted with notes and photos along every step of the way to ensure that you know exactly what you are getting. When you arrive at your cottage on the weekend, it should be precisely as you expected and as we promised.

Painting Estimate

Tailored estimates at fair prices

Muskoka cottages have a lot of detail that needs to be considered. We therefore take adequate time to ensure that all of our numbers are as accurate as possible. We then apply a charge rate that we know will allow us to meet all of your expectations of quality and professionalism while at the same time being fair within the industry. Our promise to you is that you’ll receive a price that is highly competitive and contains real value.

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