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Your business is important to us and we make sure that we express that at every chance we get. Our estimates are customized to meet your needs because every home and every family is unique.
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Residential Painting Quotes

Through our 4-step process, you can be assured that the estimate you receive here will meet your expectations in terms of quality, professionalism and price:

1. Understanding your needs
You know your cottage better than anyone, which is why we take the time to ensure that we are listening to all your needs and asking plenty of questions. We take thorough notes and ensure that we build these needs into our estimates.
2. Assessment
After we have completed an initial walk around with you, we then take time to go back and thoroughly inspect and measure all aspects of the project. Detailed notes and pictures are taken in order to capture the best possible assessment.
3. Solution development
Once we have an accurate picture of your project we then formulate a solution based on our experience and expertise. This involves everything from applying the correct level of prep work to selecting the best paint products.
4. Pricing
By completing all of the initial steps, we are able to arrive a price that is not only highly competitive in the market, but also accurately reflects the quality work that you expect.